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Some Like it Hot! Heat Up Your Summer with These Spicy Seafood Favorites

Happy August, Seafoodies!

When it’s 100 degrees in the shade, we’ve got some unconventional advice: Turn up the heat! Yep, for some people, eating spicy food can trigger a sweat, which has a cooling effect. If you’re trying to stay cool this summer, check out our August Meal Plan! In honor of the year’s steamiest month, we’ve gathered our fave spice-centric seafood recipes, spanning all levels of the Scoville scale. Whether you’re jonesing for a smoky, chipotle-charged dish or craving a milder, chili-kissed meal, you’ll find the perfect way to fire up your summer. So, apron-up, and pour yourself a cold drink. It’s time to get your spice on!

Spicy summer days begin with hearty seafood breakfast bowls that won’t weigh you down. Our smoked salmon creation is loaded with turmeric-roasted sweet potato, eggs and quinoa — plus a shot of heat for a mildly fiery finish.

The blistering-hot afternoon calls for a dish that comes together with a minimum of fuss – like some smokin’ tilapia toasts that get their kick from a homemade spice rub and japaleño-laced fruit salsa. Or a crispy tuna roll with spicy mayo. Try our fish tacos flavored with earthy cumin. And we love to break out the air fryer — a hot-weather favorite, since it keeps the kitchen cool — and in no time, you’ll be enjoying some crispy calamari or coconut shrimp, each with a chili-infused dip.

For dinner, we have a perfect recipe that hits the sweet spot: Spicy sheet-pan salmon, with a deceptively simple honey-sriracha glaze. A bonus is this dish is table-ready in 20 minutes. If you are craving something a little more exotic, dive into Caribbean shrimp with tropical fruit. Thanks to the jerk seasoning, lush mango and kiwi and a smattering of flaked coconut, it’s a sassy, tangy and tropical treat!These dishes are easy to customize, so you can dial the heat up or down to your liking. And in addition to cooling you off, these fabulously spicy meals make it a cinch to get the two to three servings of seafood a week recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We think that’s pretty hot (or totally chill, depending on your point of view). So, bring on the heat, and let’s get cooking!


Turmeric Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl 

This sensational smoked salmon bowl features turmeric, a root in the ginger family. A peppery yogurt glaze amps up its bold, woody taste.


Crispy Rice Rolls with Spicy Tuna 

Spicy-hot and hits the spot! These pantry-friendly tuna rolls come together quickly, so you can squash any lunchtime cravings in a snap!

Easy-Breezy White Fish Tacos 

Turn up the grill! These zesty, marinated white fish tacos are en fuego!

Grilled Cod Tacos

Grilled Cod and Avocado Tacos 

Grilled avocado — who’d have thunk it? Cumin and chili powder heat up these charred cod-and-avo tacos, served with a tangle of broccoli-jalapeño slaw for extra bite.


Sheet Pan Crab Nachos 

Green chilis and hot sauce give these quick-bake nachos plenty of zip while sweet crab, shredded cheddar and avocado lend creaminess and incredible depth of flavor.

Crostini with Blackened Tilapia and Watermelon Salsa 

On the hottest day of the year, you’re still made in the shade when you serve these refreshing crostini! Spice-rubbed tilapia, chunks of watermelon and diced jalapeño combine for the epitome sweet-heat collaboration.

Air Fryer Calamari with Creamy Chipotle Sauce 

These should come with a warning: incredibly addictive! Smoky chipotle dip is the perfect foil for these tender-crisp calamari rings.

Crab Empanadas Mango Salsa

Crab Empanadas with Mango Salsa 

Cumin adds a warmth to the crab without overwhelming it. Top these serrano-infused empanadas with a fresh, bright salsa for a warm-weather fiesta!

Easy Air Fryer Thai Coconut Shrimp 

For world-renowned cuisine, look no further than your own kitchen! Chili-ginger dip adds some zing to these crunchy, vacation-inspired shrimp.


Spicy Sheet-Pan Salmon 

Juicy salmon gets a tangy jolt of heat from one of our pantry favorites, sriracha. Once you try this recipe, you’ll be sure to add it to your regular rotation — it’s so simple, you’ll never forget it!

Caribbean Shrimp with Tropical Fruit 

America’s most popular seafood takes a spicy trip to the islands! Caribbean jerk seasoning brings on the tropical heat.

Tilapia with Mango Salsa 

Light and low-carb, this picture-perfect tilapia is lightly spiced, and the spectacular salsa packs a punch!

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