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#SeafoodSunday/ Crab/ Salmon/ Shrimp/ Trout

Tailgating with Seafood: 5 Winning Recipes for Game Day

Here’s to another #SeafoodSunday, Seafoodies!

It’s finally fall, and we’re celebrating the return of sports in a big way! Whether you’re cheering on your home football team or post-gaming after your kids’ soccer match, you need some sustenance. What better way to stay on top of the game than nibbling on some scrumptious seafood? We’ve chosen five no-fail recipes that have plenty of protein to keep hunger at bay, so you can focus on the field. These seafood game-day snacks are all winners.

We all know seafood is craveable, grillable and even flammable (shrimp flambé, anyone?). But we don’t often think of seafood as portable, which it definitely is! From apps to dips to no-fuss handhelds, there are plenty of road-ready seafood options! Just be sure to keep cold dishes chilled and hot dishes warm until serving, as you would with any perishable food.

Seafood dips are easy to whip up, pack up and even clean up when you get back home. Here we offer two of our most popular recipes—a spinach and artichoke dip with a shrimp protein boost and a silky smoked trout dip that’s so simple, you can practically make it as you’re walking out the door! Served with bread, crackers or fresh veggies, these dips travel well and are sure to be crowd-pleasers at your next tailgate party!

Or, try some of our healthy finger foods! Lightened-up popcorn shrimp bakes in the oven, for all the incredible poppable taste you love with less fat. You and your fellow sports fans will love our sliders with sautéed salmon patties tucked into Hawaiian rolls with all the fixins. And muffins definitely aren’t just for breakfast anymore, especially when they’re chock-full of luscious crab, cottage cheese and fresh veggies.

Bring your own homemade seafood spread to your next game, and you’ll have the home advantage! Excellent nutrition, amazing taste and a multitude of requests for the recipes. That’s a win in our book!

Skinny Baked Popcorn Shrimp [Video]

Enjoy your favorite sports bar app without the guilt! This slimmed-down shrimp snack is sure to be devoured before halftime.

Spinach and Artichoke Shrimp Dip

Spinach and artichoke dip is a game-day classic, but it’s the shrimp that really push this lightened-up dish into the end zone!

Nutritious Salmon Sliders Made Easy

No fumbles here! You’ll score big at your next tailgate with these mini salmon burgers.

Smoked Trout Dip

This supremely satisfying snack can be prepared in 5 minutes, and is oh-so-much better for you than your typical chip-and-dip platter. Touchdown!

Easy Egg and Crab Muffins [Video]

Improve your stats by adding these savory muffins to your tailgate playbook. They’ll help you increase your SGM (seafood goals made) and NS/A (net seafood per passing attempt).

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