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5 Easy Tuna Recipes for Whenever Hunger Strikes

We know we’re always talking on the blog about our love of tuna, but we just can’t help ourselves. Tuna is SO versatile, plus it’s good for you! Like other seafood, tuna boasts a host of health benefits from nutrients like omega-3s, which can help boost your mood, and it’s an excellent source of heart-healthy protein. Better yet, it’s incredibly versatile, easy to work with in the kitchen and downright delicious.

Since we’re pretty much convinced that there’s a tuna recipe for every time, place, season and craving, we’ve rounded up our top five favorite tuna dishes below. Whether you’re grabbing your favorite canned or pouched tuna to whip up a quick breakfast or lunch or firing up the grill to sear a hearty tuna steak for dinner, the possibilities for this seafood are practically endless.

Fun fact: May 2nd is internationally recognized as World Tuna Day!

Breakfast: Baked Tuna Stuffed Breakfast Bell Peppers

Spice up your morning routine with these savory stuffed peppers! Yes, we said morning… we promise you’ll love these!

Easy Tuna Recipes

Source: Eatwell 101

Get the recipe here.

Snack: Tuna Salad Dip

All the makings of your favorite sandwich, served in a veggie-friendly dip!

Easy Tuna Recipes

Source: In Good Flavor

Get the recipe here.

Lunch: Tuna Pizza with Green Peppers

Packed with pantry staples, this easy, cheesy pizza is better than delivery.

Easy Tuna Recipes

Get the recipe here.

Dinner: Mediterranean Tuna Pasta

Prepare this wallet-friendly, restaurant-style dish at home.

Easy Tuna Recipes

Source: Budget Bytes

Get the recipe here.

“Dessert”: Sushi Donuts

“Donut” be intimidated – this creative tuna recipe is made easy with the help of silicone molds.

Tuna Sushi Donuts

Source: Asian Caucasian


Get the recipe here.

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