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September Meal Plan: The Best Whole Grains to Eat With Seafood

Throughout history, we’ve witnessed the magic of perfect pairings, from iconic combos like apple pie and ice cream to dynamic duos like Batman and Robin. Now—as the leaves change and the temperature starts to drop—is the ideal time to indulge in the delicious flavors and health benefits of another remarkable pair: seafood and whole grains! 

After a summer indulging in the joys of summer eating – sumptuous seafood, garden veggies and fresh fruit –  let’s keep the momentum going and give our bodies another boost as we head into the cooler months. This month our Meal Plan features the dynamic duo of seafood and whole grains. Nutrition experts point to the multitude of health benefits of both food super food groups. From hearty salmon and quinoa to flavorful tuna puttanesca, we’ve created a September meal plan full of the best whole-grain recipes to complement your seafood favorites.  

Seafood is rich in essential nutrients that promote heart and brain health, support immunity (important for combating flu season) and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Packed with protein, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA, seafood is a nutrient powerhouse. 

Meanwhile, whole grains provide their own array of advantages. They have been shown to contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, promoting healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. By incorporating seafood and whole grains into your meals, you’re making a smart and delicious choice for your well-being. See what we mean about the perfect pair!?

These recipes not only provide nourishment but also offer convenience for those busy back-to-school days. Whether working from home or seeking a quick and wholesome dinner option, whole grain and fish make meal prepping easy. For a healthy breakfast, we love our taste-tested Turmeric Smoked Salmon Bowl, which can be prepped ahead of time and enjoyed at home or at the office. Portion out savory tuna and whole-grain noodles into individual containers, creating grab-and-go Mediterranean Pasta lunches that are packed with protein and fiber. And don’t forget about Instant Pot Crab Mac ‘ N Cheese, a comforting and hearty option that can be made in bulk and enjoyed for dinner throughout the week.

We hope you find a new whole-grain and seafood favorite, Seafoodies! 


Turmeric Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

We’re a bit obsessed with seafood bowls and with good reason. They’re such an easy way to enjoy a balance of protein, whole grains, veggies and healthy fats.


Mediterranean Tuna Pasta 

We’ve combined tuna, whole wheat pasta, olives, feta and lemon into a bright and delicious Mediterranean lunch—no international travel required!

Shrimp, Barley, and Lemon Stew

Nothing beats a bowl of steaming stew on a crisp autumn afternoon! The combination of robust barley and savory shrimp makes this recipe a perfect candidate for lunchtime leftovers.

Salmon Sushi Bowl 

This tasty Salmon Sushi Bowl is all about recreating what you already love about sushi—fish, whole-grain rice, nori, ginger—in a low-maintenance dish (no rolling required!).


Tuna Puttanesca

The simple ingredients for this easy whole grain and fish recipe are probably already sitting in your pantry, which makes this meal

Instant Pot Crab Mac ‘ N Cheese 

A cheesy seafood lover’s dream – this dish consists of crab, spices, and whole-grain pasta, blended with layers of creamy cheese and tucked into the Instant Pot!

Grilled Shrimp with Lemon Butter Pasta 

Our one-pot wonder is here to impress, featuring mouth-watering lemon-garlic grilled shrimp that’s a true heavyweight in the flavor department. 

Seafood Paella 

If you can’t decide which type of seafood you’re craving, this colorful whole-grain dish is the perfect fix. It’s also easy to cook and freeze, which makes meal-prepping a breeze!

Couscous With Mussels and Shrimp 

Trust us, the best whole grain recipes start with perfectly seasoned seafood sitting on a fluffy bed of soft couscous.

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