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October Meal Plan: 12 Easy Ways to #GoPescatarian

Happy October, Seafoodies!

Cue the confetti… It’s National Pescatarian Month—our favorite month of the year!  To kick off the NPM celebration, the Dish on Fish team is unveiling the 3rd edition of Everyday Seafood Recipes. It’s free to you, your best friends … and, well, everyone! Just share the link and download! The October Meal Plan will whet your appetite to start whipping up these dishes. And if you are newer here and not sure what a pescatarian diet entails, stick around for details. 

All month long we will share a boatload of tips and ideas for diving into the pescatarian lifestyle. If you’re curious about what entails being a pescatarian, you’ll find some easy ways to test the waters. And if you’re already a pescatarian, we’ll inspire you to kick your Seafoodie game into high gear. You can look forward to a fun, new pescatarian challenge, expert advice for making healthy changes to your diet and of course, plenty of tempting pescatarian recipes!

Let’s start with the basics. Going pescatarian isn’t rocket science: It’s basically a vegetarian diet plus some delicious seafood. If you want to proceed down this healthy-eating path, it’s as simple as stocking up on some canned, pouched or frozen seafood (our #1 Seafoodie tip!) and incorporating it as the main protein in your current diet (tip #2!). That’s right, rather than having to completely change the way you eat, you can just swap some seafood into your fave foods — burgers, salads, pizzas and more! (Check out our suggestions for five foolproof seafood swaps  you can make right away.) Easy, right? Try a couple of swaps each week, and you’ll be eating the 2 to 3 servings of seafood a week recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans while benefiting from all the great nutrition that seafood provides, like heart-healthy omega-3s, muscle-building protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Now on to the Meal Plan! Start your day off with a protein-packed smoked-salmon pizza or a creamy, shrimp-avocado toast. For lunch, we’re seriously crushing on the pan-seared ahi, sliced thin and tossed with a crunchy, sesame-soy slaw. And if you find a more mouthwatering dish than our Mediterranean shrimp, please let us know. It’s a real showstopper, baked with a zesty tomato mélange and crowned with salty whipped feta. Check out the recipes in our Meal Plan for these dishes and plenty more. They’re all simple, savory and satisfying, designed to encourage you and yours to enjoy more seafood.

Ready? Set? Let’s #GoPescatarian!


Simple Shrimp and Avocado Toast 

If you’re an avocado aficionado, look no further than this craveable seafood version of America’s favorite snack. In just 15 minutes, you’ll be nibbling this slightly spicy, shrimp-topped toast for breakfast, brunch or a light lunch.

Breakfast Pizza with Smoked Salmon 

It’s a snap to eat seafood for breakfast when you have some silky smoked salmon in the fridge! This savory, pescatarian pie will get your morning off to a luscious, satisfying start.


Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna with Asian Slaw 

Meat lovers, take note! Perfectly pink slices of steak-like ahi tuna transform this multi-dimensional salad into a chewy, satisfying, mouthwateringly good main event.

Beer-Battered Wild Alaska Pollock and Chips 

There’s no better time than National Pescatarian Month to break out the air fryer and enjoy some pub comfort food. Everyone in your family will enjoy this high-protein crispy treat!

Salmon Sushi Bowl 

Here’s an un-bowl-ievable dish that’s engineered to win over the omnivores in your crowd. Once you’ve tasted this bodacious sushi bowl brimming with salmon, avocado and mango, there’s no going back!

Snacks & Apps

Crostini with Blackened Tilapia and Watermelon Salsa

Deliciously different! These refreshing tilapia toasts have a decidedly chill vibe, reminding us that seafood plus fruit is always a good idea.

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice Rolls 

When you need a quick pick-me-up, consider these sriracha-spiked tuna rolls you can toss together with a few pantry staples. The perfect Rx for midday hunger pangs, they’re also substantial enough to make a light lunch.


Mediterranean Baked Shrimp with Whipped Feta 

We hate to brag, but this bold and aromatic shrimp dish is a crowd-pleaser! Decked out in colorful veggies, fresh basil and a crown of whipped feta cheese, it makes an eye-popping and appetizing dinner party entrée for pescatarians and omnivores alike.

Grilled Halibut with Walnut Pesto 

White fish like halibut provides plenty of lean protein, making it a smart pescatarian choice whenever you fire up the grill. Top it off with a quick, no-cook sauce packed with superfoods, and you’ve got a brain-boosting, five-star pescatarian meal!  

Instant Pot Pasta with Red Sauce and Clams

It’s easy to #GoPescatarian on pasta night when you dust off your trusty Instant Pot and swap in some clams for the meatballs. You’ll be savoring a comforting seafood classic in minutes!

Creamy Crab and Kale Lasagna

Swap some delicate crab into your lasagna and see what you’ve been missing! With three cheeses, a Béchamel-inspired sauce and a tangle of earthy kale, this crabulous dish will take the chill off a crisp, fall evening.

Instant Pot Curried Mussels

One of our best hacks to help you #GoPescatarian? The Instant Pot! For a fresh take on a bistro classic, try these tender mussels swimming in an exotic coconut broth, best enjoyed with crusty bread and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

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